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    Weston Snowboards is proud to present the Tenth Mountain Division Splitboard


    Since my arrival here at Weston Snowboards I dreamed of making a snowboard that would pay homage to the Tenth Mountain Division Ski Troops. They are the forefathers for us here in the Vail Valley. If you are not familiar with this group they were and continue to be the elite high altitude trained Alpine soldiers that began training near here in 1943. In 1944 with skis on their back fought in the mountains of Italy in some of the roughest terrain in that country.

    Camp HaleWeston’s retail showroom and backcountry shop is located in the small mining town of Minturn, CO on the 10th Mountain Memorial highway just a few miles from their training grounds. Heading into the backcountry we often go up to Vail Pass via Camp Hale. Seeing the old barracks and training grounds adds to the our connection to the these pioneers.

    Because of they're influence on this area and the contribution and sacrifices made we wanted to honor this organization. Collaborating with our friends at Venture Snowboards we created a beautiful limited edition ‘Made in Colorado’ 10th Mountain Division Splitboard. Working with the US Military we obtained full rights to use their logos and blazon on the snowboard. Not only did we want to honor these brave individuals but we want to help there organizations and missions, therefore a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these commemorative snowboards will be given back to the 10th Mountain Division Foundation.

    Thank you for sharing in our mutual love for these mountains. “Climb to Glory”.


    Mason Davey

    VP of Sales

    Weston Snowboards



    Camp Hale