John "Good Woods" Woods - USA

John "Good Woods" Woods

Instagram: @johncharleswoods

Year You Were Born: 1963. Contrary to popular belief I was not raised by a pack of wolves. I was born in Detroit City, Michigan. Right across the street from Motown Records.

Hometown: Detroit City, Michigan

Year You Moved to the Mountains: 1990

Current Mountain: Mt. Baker

What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: When I was 26 years old I decided to pursue one of my life's dreams of becoming the greatest ski bum in the history of the universe. So I packed up my bags and left for Colorado to become a ski instructor. Once I got my job as a ski instructor, they asked me to learn how to snowboard so that I could teach more students.

So Why Did You Make the Switch if You Were Already a Good Skier? Well, I was already a pretty good skateboarder and, due to all of my knowledge of skiing, the change over to snowboarding was quite enjoyable.

In What Ways? Well as a kid growing up, all I wanted to do was be a big mountain skier. All of those Warren Miller movies with Scott Schmitt had me really pumped. So when I moved to Colorado that was where I had my eyes set, and the snowboard was a way better powder tool at the time. Plus, I have always been a surfer at heart even though I grew up in Detroit. So I guess it was more enjoyable because it allowed me to participate in the backcountry on a higher level.

What Do You Do For Work: Woodcarver

Good Woods Carving