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        In 2012 Weston Snowboards chose the small Colorado mountain community of Minturn to serve as our home base and factory showroom. Our front door is within shouting distance of Vail’s legendary side country run, “The Minturn Mile”. Being in the mountains is not only good for our soul, it gives us a unique connection to the riders we serve. Every day provides our team a special opportunity to listen, respond and participate with a collective community of riders that love being outside. Our hope is to create products that enable people to experience nature in a way that changes them forever.

        We want to get to know you a little better too. Please e-mail us anytime at;  friends@westonsnowboards.com or call to chat @ 970 827 4060.


        Q: Where did the name “Weston” come from?

        A: Weston founder Barry Weston Clark’s dad picked it out of the Seattle phone book as Barry’s middle name. It’s also the middle name of Barry and Melissa’s 2 sons.

        Q: What led to your decision to manufacture some products overseas?

        A: In 2014 we visited an incredible new American owned snowboard factory near Hong Kong. We found a group of greatly skilled craftsmen and women with decades of snowboard building experience earning a good living wage. It was simply not possible for us to duplicate the quality, available skilled labor and cost of doing business in the Vail valley. 

        Q: How do you support the community?

        A: We donate time and money to several great organizations. Click HERE for a list.

        Q: Will you sponsor me?

        A: Maybe. Send us a video edit. sponsorme@westonsnowboards.com You can see our current brand ambassadors on our TEAM page. Snowboarding skill is only a part of the criteria we use to determine the people we choose to represent our brand.

        Q: Would you consider supporting my non-profit?

        A: Weston Snowboards believes in supporting our community in any way possible. Giving is a significant part of our mission and we feel incredibly blessed to be invited to participate with you in impactful work to make lives better. Our favorite organizations are listed on our Friends page, but we’re excited to learn more about other important work as well. We often give preference to 501c3 organizations working in the Vail valley because that’s where we live and work, but we’ve set up an application with the anticipation of partnering with as many organizations as possible. Click HERE for the WESTON GIVES BACK page.

        Q: How do you support artists?

        A: Weston hosts periodic gallery shows in our downtown Minturn factory store. We would love to talk about hosting you. E-mail us at artist@westonsnowboards.com or call us at the shop.

        Q: Where can I buy a Weston Snowboard?

        A: Our dealer network is growing. Call us to connect with an authorized shop in your area. 970 827 4060.

        Q: Do you offer proform discounts for snowboard industry professionals?

        A: YES! Snowboard instructors, snow safety professionals, snowboard shop sales and backshop staff, lifties, heli guides and lots of other snowboard pros are eligible for substantial discounts on Weston products. Just e-mail us with your story atmtnpro@westonsnowboards.com.

        Q: How can I grow a beard like Mason Davey?

        A: Start by living in the wild for a few months, then we can talk about it.