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    10th Mountain - 19/20
    $ 549.00


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    The 10th Mountain snowboard is the peak of our freeride line - built to float in powder while giving you unrelenting edgehold at high speeds on steep, variable terrain. Featuring a Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker profile, Rugged Topsheet, Electra Sintered Base, Vertical Laminate and Tail V Carbon, and our Conqueror Wood Core - the 10th is built to charge the steepest and biggest of lines.

    Sizing Recommendations 

    Terrain: Freeride, All-Mountain

    Snowboarder Ability Level: Advanced

    Snowboard Rocker Type: Camber-Rocker

    Snowboard Shape: Directional

    Snowboard Flex: Medium-Stiff

    Graphic: Jon Miller @powdercowboy

    Get Out and Give Back

    10th mountain division logo 

    Weston’s retail showroom and backcountry shop is located in the small mining town of Minturn, CO on the 10th Mountain Memorial highway just a few miles from their training grounds - Camp Hale. The accomplishments of 10th Mountain troops have defined the modern-day ski industry. From opening many of the nation's resorts to well-known entities such as NOLS, the Sierra Club, and even REI, the 10th was there.

    For the above reasons, we want to honor the deeds of those troops. 10% of profits from the 10th Mountain snowboard are donated to the 10th Mountain Foundation to support veterans, the families of veterans, and the legacies that the 10th Mountain Division created.

    For a good read on the history of the 10th Mountain Division, click here.



    • Conqueror Wood Core - This is our big mountain snowboard core with paulownia, poplar, bamboo, and vertical laminates of carbon to provide weight savings, response, dampening and durability.
    • Rugged Topsheet - Polymide is eco-friendly and made from castor beans. The topsheet is durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.
    • Directional Multi-Radial Camber Rocker - A gradual increase from the nose to a more aggressive camber radius in the tail provides better pop/dampening on drops and control on bigger lines while reverse camber in the tip and tail help to keep you afloat.
    • Tail V Carbon - Carbon fiber runs from the tail inserts to the tail contact points to provide added edge to edge response and spring in the tail.
    • Vertical Carbon - Carbon is laminated between wood stringers to provide added pop and strength.
    • Electra Sintered Base - Carbon additives distribute static friction across the base, creating a more even film of water to glide on and our fastest base.
    • Tri-Axe Glass - Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that offers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.
    • UHMW PE Sidewalls - Highly durable sidewall that protects the snowboard's core from impact and increases torsional stability.
    • Stitched Tips - Our tip and tail spacers are stitched to the core to provide added durability.
    • 1% For the Planet - 1% of our total sales goes to offset our carbon footprint and donate substantially to the National Forest Foundation.
    • Four Year Warranty


    Weston 10th Mountain Snowboard Tech Specs


    10th Snowboard Tech Icons

    Tech Details


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