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Pomoca Climb 2.0 Splitboard Skins

Pomoca Climb 2.0 Splitboard Skins

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The Perfect Solution for Splitboard Skins

This is the skin for someone just getting into the backcountry. This no-frills MoMix skin is a great combination of glide, weight savings, and packability. This skin is going to let you go further and longer on your new splitboard.

Tech Specs

  • GLIDE 235 kcal/h
    • This is a relative measurement of how much energy is required to push the skin forward for an hour. The lower the number, the better the skin glides.
  • GRIP 46 g/cm2
    • This measures how much weight a square cm can support. The higher the number, the more they grip. This is essentially saying that less material is required to support the same weight, so you need less skin to prevent you from slipping backward.
  • WEIGHT 1.150 g/m2
    • This shows how much the skin weighs by area. A longer skin will weigh more since there’s more material.
    • 248 g / skin @ 120 mm x 180 cm

How Do I Tell the Difference Between Skins?

If you haven’t bought skins before, it can be kind of overwhelming. Every company has a bunch of options to choose from, but not always a lot of information on how to choose the right ones. Skins break down into three categories - Nylon, MoMix, and Mohair - and as you could guess, the more you pay, the more performance you get out of them. However, each model has its advantages and disadvantages, and you don’t always need to spend more money to get what is actually best for you.

Nylon skins are the goto if you’re starting out. They have the best grip and are more durable than other options. Have you only skinned a couple of times and are still trying to figure out this whole splitboarding thing? Yep, just get nylon. Sure they don’t glide as well, but you’ve probably got other things on your mind at this point. Plus they’re the cheapest option, so you can focus on riding and not your bank account.

If you’ve spent a bit of time splitboarding, or just don't like to take things slow, a MoMix skin is probably the way to go. These are usually 30% nylon and 70% mohair. The difference? Glide. Every time you slide the board forward, there’s less friction so each step takes less work. Are you going to be able to tell the difference in one step? Probably not. But if you’re trying to do 4k vert, you’ll start to tell a difference. They are a bit more expensive and not quite as durable, but if you’re good to them, they’ll be good to you.

If you can actually justify being on full Mohair skins, you probably don’t need to read this. For those who are just curious, these skins have the best glide, but poor traction and durability. They’re usually reserved for ski racers, but no one really races on splits. If you’ve ever seen someone skinning at a resort with a spandex onesie, they’re probably on mohair. Plus these are really expensive.

Skin Storage Tips

A couple of general tips on caring for your skins. NEVER ROLL THEM UP!!! Always store skins with glue touching glue. Most people fold them in half or quarters for storage.

When you get home, let them dry out. But not on your car dashboard, or above the hut's fireplace, skins don’t like to be above room temperature. Storing them on the sheets they come with is a good idea too, but it’s fine to store them glue to glue. Most of your day is going uphill, so it’s in your best interest to take care of these.


We've found Pomoca's recommended sizing to be off in comparison to our actual models, so here's what we recommend for sizing

Board Length
Backwoods 152 157 160 163 167
Eclipse 145 150 155
Ridgeline 154 158 162 166
Riva 143 147 151 155
Range 155 158 161 164
Rise 143 146 149 152
Switchback 157 164
Seeker 149 153
Japow 154 159 164 169
152 156
Tail Strap Modification Required

Still not sure what's the best skin for you? Feel free to contact us here!

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