"Next Steps" | Claire Hewitt Demeyer

"Next Steps" | Claire Hewitt Demeyer

Weston Athlete Claire Hewitt-Demeyer, a local from South Lake Tahoe, faced a severe injury while climbing at Blue Granite Climbing Gym on a kilter board, tearing seven parts of her knee. Despite the extensive damage, surgeries were only required for her ACL and Double Meniscus in 2021. The following year became a rigorous journey of relentless training and rehabilitation for Claire, from relearning how to walk to preparing for extended days in the backcountry with her Splitboard.

A year long period of sideline recovery fueled an unprecedented motivation within her, igniting the idea of crafting a human-powered film capturing her return. While this setback momentarily challenged her identity, Claire embraced positivity, focusing on regaining strength and health. Her determination drove her to explore new backcountry lines, eager to test the limits of her revitalized knee. This film also portrays the challenges individuals may encounter in the backcountry, highlighting the determination required to overcome fear and push through obstacles while exploring the mountains.

Film by First Tracks Productions



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