35mm Photo Essay: Riding The Wave In Montucky

35mm Photo Essay: Riding The Wave In Montucky

Photos/Edit/Words: Alec Walsh - @tha_asian_sensation
Shot on 35mm Fuji Pro 400h with Minolta Maxxum 9000

Montucky Backcountry from Weston Snowboards on Vimeo.


With less than ideal backcountry conditions for much of this season in Colorado, we went on the hunt for snow. Montana, where almost every region is above 150% snowpack, seemed like the right place to look. It’s safe to say we found it.

The tours were peaceful. With the exception of the (very) occasional local sledding by or emerging from the trees, we were alone out there. It was a big change from much of the Front Range’s slack-country feel. No crowds, no roads in sight, and a hell of a lot more snow. Actually, to the point where we were almost bummed when it started dumping again.

Snow came down so frequently, a spooky storm-slab ended up hanging around for the duration of our trip. The bigger lines would have to wait until the next time, but who can say no to getting deep in the trees. We weren’t disappointed. It felt like we entered a wormhole somewhere in Wyoming and got spit out in Hokkaido.


The Big Chief Serving As Crosshairs For The Day's Mission


Planning by Lantern Light


Home Sweet Home In The Swans


Drop Cornices, Not Bombs


Happy Film Accidents during a drive-by of Big Sky


Playing With Multiple Exposures Near Bozeman 


Basecamp in Glacier


The Crazy Mountains... Looking the part



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