4 Year Warranty

We're pumped to offer one of the longest warranties in the industry. We offer a 4 Year Warranty because we believe in creating bomber product. Our boards should last as long as possible to reduce the impact on mother earth.

When submitting your gear for a warranty claim, please remember we are a small and growing brand! We'll do the best we can to keep you stoked, but be honest with us! Product that is damaged due to manufacturer defect will be repaired or replaced at no cost - this does not cover damage due to user error. However, we also believe in supporting hard and rigorous use of your gear. If you destroyed your board doing something epic, we have our Board Slayer program to help you get back on the slopes. See below for more details on both programs.

Skins and Apparel - One Year

We've designed or selected high-quality partners to develop accessories like skins and apparel, but nothing is indestructible. We want all of our gear to live up to the standards set by our boards and skins, but these products are subject to different uses and corresponding wear and tear.


Make A Warranty Claim

To make a warranty claim, scroll down to the *WARRANTY PROCESS* below. 

Warranty Registration

To register your board or skis and keep them eligible for warranty, simply click the link below and fill out the necessary information.


Board Slayer Program

Has your board or ski (technically still a board by definition) met an untimely end doing something that isn't covered under warranty? We understand.

Get 30% off towards a new setup to replace the one you've destroyed.

The majority of what will be covered here is due to impact, but when you ride hard, impact happens. Here's some examples of what would be considered under the Board Slayer program:

  1. Sidewalls - While our sidewalls and edges and tough as nails, repeated impact on trees, rails, cement walls, etc. will eventually cause damage that's outside our warranty.
  2. Irreparable Core Shots - Our sintered bases are tough as all get out, but when you choose to play rock, paper, board/ski, sometimes rock wins. If the damage is so severe that the traditional P-Tex injection won't cut it, we have you covered.
  3. Irreparable Topsheet Delamination - Our rugged topsheets take abuse well, however sometimes when that rogue rocks gets nice up and in there, you might not be able to fix it with the classic epoxy maneuver.
  4. Snapped Like a Twig - Our poplar, paulownia and bamboo wood cores are sturdy and strong; however, if you sent that cliff like a hero and landed way tail heavy instead of stomping it, you might have killed the beast.

Did something we haven't thought of? Hit us up and have a chat, we'll see where you net out. One way or the other, you'll need to follow the process below and expect to be sending your destroyed board back to us!


In order for all of our customers to take full advantage of our 4 YEAR WARRANTY see the process below:

  1. Please complete THIS FORM and someone from our warranty team will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. Include the Serial Number and detailed photos of the damage. Your serial number on a board is very lightly engraved on the topsheet along the right-hand side between the inserts, near the edge (ex: 1 06 157 005D 001). Please Reply All in communications, we may have multiple people on our end involved to help the process go as quick as possible, and this ensures that everyone stays on the same page. 

  2. If we think you might have an issue, an RA (return authorization) number will be issued and emailed for your warranty. Make sure this RA number is included on any and all future correspondence regarding your warranty. Additionally, write your RA number on the exterior of the box when you ship us your gear.

  3. Package up your board or skis and we'll send you a shipping label.

  4. Once we receive your stuff, we will inspect it and determine whether they should be repaired or replaced. Repairs, especially during the winter season may take up to 8 weeks to repair and ship back.

    Weston Warranty FAQ

    Q. Should I bring the board back to the Authorized Weston Dealer?

    A. Some of our dealer’s have their own return policies and you should check with them as to their return policies. In some cases, you may be able to reduce the replacement time by going to the dealer first. However, it depends on each dealers warranty and return policy. You are always welcome to reach out to us and we will do our best to help you determine how best to handle your busted board.

    Q. My snowboard has some damage, but I can't go without it for that long as there is still pow to be slain. Can I send the board back to Weston when my season is done?

    A. Maybe. Send us some close up photos of your warranty issue as soon as you notice it and we’ll take it from there. If it’s a warranty issue that you can get away with riding on for a while we’ll get this noted in our database and you can keep on shredding.

    Q. Who pays the shipping costs for me to send my board to Weston in Minturn?

    A. We do, as long as you receive the label from us and have an approved #RA.

    Q. How long will it take to get my board back once I send it in?

    A. This one is a total case by case deal. When we receive your board back in Minturn, we can typically determine whether yours is a warranty issue by the end of the day. Someone from our warranty department will contact you in approximately 24 hours of receiving your board. At that time we’ll set a timeline for repair or replacement.

    Q. How do I, or the Authorized Weston Dealer I go to, get an RA#?

    A. Fill out our form at the top of this page. You or the Authorized Dealer you purchased from can also contact us at warranty@westonbackcountry.com.

    Q. Do I need to register my Weston board to qualify for Weston's four year warranty?

    A. If you did not purchase the product from us, then yes. We can handle it during your claim though. No matter what, Weston will need your receipt to warranty your board. If you register your board and it gets stolen, Weston can help by providing the serial number of your board. In a perfect world everyone would register their board and keep their sales receipt. If you don’t register your board, or you don’t have your sales receipt Weston will have to deal with your warranty on a case by case basis.

    Q. How do International Warranties work?

    A. Cases will vary person-to-person based on the situation, but will generally follow a similar process. Begin by filling out the warranty form linked above so that we have your relevant information. If we deem the case a warranty issue, we'll provide you a shipping label to return the warranty product. Once we have received the product, we'll issue an invoice for a "Weston Warranty Repair Service" of $50, but will discount that 100% so that it is of no cost to you. This allows us to send out a replacement as a repair/replacement instead of a new item from a customs perspective. In certain situations/areas, you may be assessed a duties on the $50 USD. We aim to minimize costs as much as possible, but we are unable to ship the repair/replacement DDP (delivery duties paid).

    Q. I pulled the tail strap on my skins and it snapped?

    A. Don't yank on the tail strap when separating your skins! Pull on the fabric as it's substantially stronger. Ripped tail straps aren't covered under the warranty as this is a user error. However we get it happens, and we have replacement parts we can send you and it's an easy fix in most situations.

    Legal Jargon

    Replacements will be handled as quickly as possible and will be dependent on inventory. *All costs associated with shipping to Weston and any non-warranteeable repairs will be assumed by the customer. Your new Weston snowboard, splitboard, or skis are warranted to be free of defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of four (4) years* from the original date of purchase. If Weston determines, in its sole discretion, that your snowboard, splitboard or skis are defective, then Weston will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace and ship back to your, your snowboard, splitboard, or skis without charge to you. All replacements are subject to availability. Weston will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurring as a result of loss or use to your Weston snowboard, splitboard or skis. Limitations This limited warranty applies only to Weston gear purchased from an Authorized Dealer and is extended only to the gear's original purchaser. All gear returned to Weston for warranty inspection must receive a prior return authorization (RA), which can be obtained from an Authorized Weston Dealer. All snowboards, splitboards, and skis must be shipped pre-paid and insured. Weston assumes no responsibility for damages during shipment. Shipping charges are non-refundable. All warranty claims must be accompanied by your original proof of purchase from an Authorized Weston dealer. The following are excluded from this limited warranty: Damage caused by impact, misuse, abuse or neglect. Normal wear and tear. Cracks or splits in the topsheet due to impact. Any delamination to the top or bottom sheets due to impact. Stripped inserts due to improper mounting. Damage caused by the use of solvents, adhesives or LOC-TITE. Damage caused by impact with rocks, stumps, logs, rails, concrete, metal, or any other non-snow object. Modification to the board such as, but not limited to, cutting or modifying the tip or tail, as well as using T-nuts. Cracked edges are the result of normal wear and tear or impact. This is NOT a manufacturer’s defect and will not be covered under warranty.