What the FAQ

General Information

Q.) When was Weston founded and where does the name come from?

Weston was founded in 2012 by Barry Weston Clark (where the name came from). Originally we were a gear shop downtown in Minturn, Colorado, and we started making boards in the basement for fun shortly after. Pretty soon the word got out about the boards, and more people were interested in the board than the rest of the gear, so we shifted priority to the boards. In 2015 we moved from the shop into our Tiny House to focus our attention on the boards (and soon after, skis), and the rest is history.

Q.) Where are your boards/skis made?

We currently produce all of our boards at the GP87 factory in Shenzhen, China. We’ve been working with them for seven years now and have a close relationship with the team there. They produce some of the best boards and skis in the world, and build for a variety of other top-notch companies. For a full list of our production partners, see our Supply Chain Map. 

Q.) I’m a really good rider, will you give me a board/skis?

We don’t doubt you’re good, but probably not just because. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked “do you need help testing”, we probably wouldn’t have to work. That being said, we’re always open to supporting projects with meaning or that make change. Email us with a full proposal and we’ll see what we can do!

Q.) Can I at least have some stickers?

Yes! That we can definitely do. Go to the page for stickers here, and you’ll see a discount code for a free basic sticker pack!

Q.) Is Weston hiring / Are there any internship opportunities?

Currently no, but there are other opportunities to get involved and share your stoke for the backcountry. We have a large team of ambassadors, athletes, and photographers with a passion for Weston. If you’re looking to get involved you can apply to join our ambassador team here. For all other positions, stay tuned for more openings here.


Q.) When will my order ship?

We try to get stuff shipped out in 24-48 hrs from the order being placed, but sometimes things get crazy and take longer. We’ll try to get it to you ASAP! You’ll receive an email with tracking info when the products ship. 

Q.) Can I come pick up my order?

Generally no, as our warehouse is at a different location than our office all orders must ship. But we’re working on this, so stay tuned!

Product Information / How To

Q.) What is this funky/shiny stuff on the base of my snowboard/skis just inside the edges?

We apply a layer of anti-rust film on the edges of the boards to fight rusting, and sometimes it can spread onto the base as well. It’s totally fine and will come off your first day or riding, or when you wax the board or skis.

Q.) What if my splitboard won’t split?

Don’t freak out! Sometimes the PU sidewalls can create a suction effect if they’ve been clamped together for a long time. Just open up all of the clips, place the center of the board topsheet on something firm, and then press down on the edges to pop it apart. We’ll usually use our knee as the “something firm” and pull both edges towards us. If you’re really worried, you can remove the board clips, but you shouldn’t have to. You’re not going to break the board or clips doing this, so you can give it some umph!

Q.) Should I wax my new board/skis?

You can never wax too much! Do you need to day one though, probably not. We use One-ball-jay Eco Wax for a factory coat of wax, which should get you going for the first couple of rides. After that we recommend waxing every 5-10 days. Sintered bases require more waxing to unlock maximum performance. For most riders, we recommend doing it at the start of the season, somewhere around President's day, and then putting on storage wax over the summer. See our article here for more information on summer storage tips!

Q.) Do I need to get my new board/skis stone ground/structured?


Generally not unless you want to.  It doesn’t hurt to, but most riders can’t seem to tell the difference if we’re going to be honest…


The skis come pre-structured as the smaller surface area per ski makes the difference more pronounced than on a snowboard. We shoot for a general structure that should be good in a variety of conditions, but caters better towards slightly colder snow. If you live in someplace like the PNW or Sierras, it might not hurt to get it structured for heavy, wet snow. 

Q.) Do I need to detune my edges?

Up to you! The edges generally don’t come detuned as some people like that razor-sharp carving feeling, but many of us end up detuning our personal gear. It’s just easier to detune than it is to get sharper, so we don’t do it to start.

Q.) Where should I mount my skis?

We have a recommended mounting location marked on all of the skis, and generally suggest this as the best place to start, or where to mount if you’re looking for general performance. We’ve had people go as far as +4cm for freestyle skiing, and -2cm for freeriding though. The further forward, the more playful and balanced they’ll be when spinning. The further back, the more stable they’ll be at speed. We’re happy to discuss your style with you and make recommendations based on that!

Q.) Are the splitboard Clips Top-Mount or Thru-Mount?

Every splitboard since the 2018/2019 season is top-mounted with the exception of our carbon boards, which are thru-mounted due to how thin they are. 

Q.) How do I adjust my clips on the splitboard?

Karakoram Ultraclips

Start by loosening the screws for the j-hook side of the clip. Then set the lever on the latch side of the clip at roughly a 45 deg angle relative to the board. Slide the j-hook until the two halves are touching in the middle, and tighten the j-hook side screws back down. 

Karakoram Ultraclips 2.0

Don’t! These are designed so that you shouldn’t have to adjust them. The set screw should hold tension consistently, improving upon the original version. If you do need to adjust, reinstall, etc, follow the general procedure from above. Make sure there is one washer on the inside screw, and two on the outer screw. You don’t need a ton of force on these and don’t over tighten the screws or you run the risk of dimpling the base (doesn’t cause any real issues, just doesn’t look as good). 

Phantom Herc Hooks

You can adjust the set screw on the side of the clip to adjust the tension to whatever you desire. Generally they should be snug enough that the two board halves will stay together when stood vertically without needing the tip/tail clips or bindings to hold in place. Be careful of going too tight as it can bow the board inward and make it hard to get bindings on. 

Product Specifications Questions

Q.) Edge Angles?

All of our boards and skis come with a 88 deg sidewall angle and a .75 deg base bevel, with the exception of the inside edge of splitboards is a straight 90 deg angle.

Q.) What is the recommended mounting location on the skis?

Most of our skis are -8cm back from the true center, except for the shortest length is -6cm. This is listed on the spec tables for each ski. 

Q.) What is the recommended mounting bit for skis? 

We recommend a 4.1mm drill bit on carbon skis, and a 3.5-3.6mm drill bit for the fiberglass skis. Most skis should be fine with the standard 9.0mm length, but for large bindings on small skis (like a frame binding on a 156cm Summit), you may need to use a shorter 7.5mm youth ski bit.

Q.) What size hardware does the Karakoram Ultraclips/Phantom Herc Hooks use?

We use M5 x 0.5 metric fine thread screws for all of the clips. The are admittedly difficult to find, but if you need a replacement for some reason, hit us up and we’re happy to send you some!


Need help finding your size?

Check out our page on How To Choose Your Snowboard or Splitboard. (How To Choose Your Skis coming soon...)