Without Snow, We Don't Exist.

The single best thing we can do for our environment is to get people to love nature. When you love being outdoors, you have a real and deep connection of what you are trying to protect. What better reason to preserve our planet than being able to continue to Slay Pow!

At Weston, our sustainability position is to Do More, Say Less. This means marketing is not the sole reasoning for adopting sustainability practices. Being a good steward of the planet relies on actions, not words.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainability spans outlined in our Climate Action Plan go beyond merely what goes into our product. It looks at our ability to influence much more. We invite you to read the plan, reach out if you have questions or wish to learn more. Better yet, send us your ideas and wishes on what we can do better.
- Leo Tsuo, Owner/Chief Executive Pow Slayer


Bio-Based Topsheets

A portion of these topsheets are derived from Castor Beans, reducing the need for petroleum based products

Solvent Free Inks

The inks in our graphics generally use natural carriers and have low to no VOCs, making them safer to work with and better for the environment.

Flax Fibers

Flax fibers provide great characteristics when it comes to strength and dampening, while being derived from natural plants.

Sustainably Sourced Cores

The wood in the cores is grown and harvested from plantations instead of from natural forests, making the process less invasive and destructive.

Die-Cut Bases

Solid color die-cut bases reduce the waste created by other graphics approaches, and the black is more easily repaired.

Recycled Material in Edges

The edges use upwards of 50% recycled materials, reusing scrap in production and reducing the need for virgin materials

VOC Free Epoxy

The epoxy we use is VOC free, making it safer to work with and better for the environment without sacrificing durability or performance.

Sustainably Sourced

Recycled Edges

Less Waste

Bio-Based Topsheets

Solvent Free Inks

VOC Free Expoxy


Good Relationships

Code of Conduct
Weston Manufacturing Code of Conduct

Weston RSL (Restricted Substance List)

Improved Packaging

We use recyclable packaging and eliminated 100% of the Styrofoam from our bulk packaging. Bulk packaging is now 95% recyclable and we are looking to remove plastic tape and box straps in the future. Consumer packaging is 100% recyclable and packaging is streamlined to reduce required virgin materials.

Reused Materials

70% of our bulk orders to dealers in reused packaging. 15% of consumer orders use reused packaging.

Optimizing Transportation

We try to sea ship as much as possible as sea freight is more than 10 times as efficient as sending the same shipment by air. We work to ship products directly to the retailer when possible to reduce additional shipment legs.


We work every season to better understand and improve our sustainable efforts, while setting goals for the future. We've begun to estimate our carbon (emissions to the best of our ability) and are using these models to identify hotspots that we can work to reduce. The focus of these efforts are around carbon emission reductions, but we've also set goals to improve areas across our operations.

Carbon Emission Tracking

Preliminary 20/21 Emissions Report
20/21 Carbon Footprint Estimate

Updated 21/22 Emission Report
21/22 Carbon Footprint Estimate

22/23 Emission Report
Released 09/2023

Sustainable Goal Setting

Our primary goals are to reduce emissions per $100k of revenue 10% year over year. Shift all Domestic energy use to renewables by 22/23. Increase bio and recycled content in all products by 24/25 season. Implement and audit Manufacturing Code of Conduct and Restricted Substance List with all Tier 1 Suppliers by 23/24.

Full Sustainability Goals and Progress Tracking:
Sustainability Goals / Dashboard

National Forest Foundation
Helped support the planting of almost 40,000 trees between 2019-2023

Colorado Carbon Fund
Donated to restorative agriculture and carbon sink practices here in Colorado

1% For The Planet Member
Committed to (and often exceed in) donating 1% of our annual profits to various non-profits around the country



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