→ (Insert intro paragraph on why it's important for us mother earth lovin' motherlovers at Weston to use just the right balance of sustainable (non-harmful/toxic?) materials in our products but also building durable equipment you can trust and rely on in the deep outdoors, off-grid adventures, when deep in the woods, out in nature, away from civilization, etc. that doesn't go straight into a landfill a few seasons down the road). Let's be real, building snowboards/skis or anything for that matter creates waste. We don't greenwash our marketing or boast any sparkly new global warming saving technology in our boards/skis, we simply do our best to create the best product in the least destructive (wasteful) way, to keep you on the snow and gear out of the landfill. Here is what we're doing at Weston in our Sustainability Processes.


  • Bio-Based Topsheets
    • A portion of these topsheets are derived from Castor Beans, reducing the need for petroleum based products
  • Solvent free inks
    • The inks in our graphics generally use natural carriers and have low to no VOCs, making them safer to work with and better for the environment.
  • Flax Fibers
    • Flax fibers provide great characteristics when it comes to strength and dampening, while being derived from natural plants.
  • Sustainably sourced cores
    • The wood in the cores is grown and harvested from plantations instead of from natural forests, making the process less invasive and destructive.
  • Die cut bases for less waste
  • Recycled material in edges
    • The edges use upwards of 50% recycled materials, reusing scrap in production and reducing the need for virgin materials
  • VOC free epoxy
    • The epoxy we use is VOC free, making it safer to work with and better for the environment without sacrificing durability or performance.

Sustainably Sourced

Recycled Edges

Less Waste

Bio-Based Topsheets

Solvent Free Ink

Flax Fibers


  • Good Relationships
  • Better Packaging
    • 100% recyclable
      • We removed 100% of the styrofoam from our bulk packaging. Our bulk packaging is now 95% recyclable (trying to remove the plastic tape) and our consumer packaging is 100% recyclable
    • Reduced materials
      • We’ve worked to reduce the overall packaging
    • Reused material
      • We send 85% of our bulk orders to dealers in reused packaging
    • Optimizing Transportation
      • Moving to sea ship as much as possible
        • Sea shipping is
      • Only air shipped when necessary
        • Some products like prototypes and samples are generally too low volume to sea ship by themselves, but we’re trying to rework production schedule to coordinate with larger sea shipments
      • Cutting out additional shipment legs when possible
        • We work to ship products directly to the retailer when possible, and do so with the majority of our international customers already.





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