36º South - An Australian Backcountry Story

36º South - An Australian Backcountry Story

A team of 4 head into the Australian backcountry, looking for the steepest terrain the red continent has to offer. Challenging popular beliefs of what skiing and snowboarding looks like in Australia. Watch the full film out now! 

Directed by Divya Gordon. Featuring Tim van der Krogt, Chris Wills, Divya Gordon, Aaron Dickfos and Lewis Foster. Filmed by Divya Gordon and Aaron Dickfos.

Made with support from Arc'teryx Australia, Weston Backcountry, SunGod, Mountain Designs, Bridge Road Bewers and On Track Meals

Produced by Rampage Media, Chris Wills and Tim van der Krogt

Featured Weston Boards & Skis: The Ridgeline Split, Summit Carbon Skis 

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