Chuckosaurus 22/23 Season Edit | Chuck Morin

Chuckosaurus 22/23 Season Edit | Chuck Morin

From face shots in Japan to Canadian couloir drops in the Revelstoke backcountry, Weston Athlete Chuck Morin aka "Chuckosaurus" made the most of the 2022/23 winter both in front and behind the lens. Revelstoke saw a challenging winter with their snowpack, dealing with persistent weak layers December onwards. This led Chuck and crew to fly the nest and hunt for pow in the bottomless buffet of central Hokkaido. Enjoy some epic turns and contagious stoke from Chuck and the gang! 

Riders: Chuck Morin, Danny Leblanc, Sammy Carlson, Lauren Powers
Filmed by: Chuck Morin, Danny Leblanc, Jeremy Black, Ben Sandford, Felix Gertz

Chuck's Boards: Weston Ridgeline, Backwoods, & Japow 

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