Colorado's Fritz Sperry: The Interview

Colorado's Fritz Sperry: The Interview

Few authors have covered skiing as extensively as famed Front Range and Summit County skier, Fritz Sperry. For over a decade he's been putting out excellent books about skiing in the high country—notably the Front Range, Ten Mile Range, Mosquito Range, and other areas. Many of which live on the Weston HQ bookshelf. 

"I don’t ski in bounds anymore. I’d rather only get one run of the best snow, having to earn it, a run of consequence, than ski all day on icy hard bumps and groomers. The solitude and the powder are why I go and the friends I bring with me are why I keep going. I joke with them about my cult, The Church of the North Facing Powder Stash. If you’ve skied with me, you’re a member."

Read the full interview with Fritz and Cam Burns of HERE. 

Fritz's Ski Of Choice: Grizzly Carbon Skis

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Pick up some of Fritz's legendary guidebooks HERE.


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