Dustin Varga - Winter Edit 2019

Dustin Varga - Winter Edit 2019

For Dustin Varga, the 2018/19 season was all about exploring new territories and backcountry terrain in the Yellowstone/ Grand Teton caldera. Check out some top-knotch riding and droolworthy drone shots in his latest edit. 


The most important thing I do every season is set some attainable goals. This doesn’t just apply to snowboarding. As conscious members of this earth tribe, keeping the positive vibrations are vital in the learning processes. Travel in the backcountry, a lot of times solo, has really taught me to be in the present, and remain aware of my surroundings. This creates a visceral link to the subconscious, and therefore is the purest form of meditation for me. Kicking steps, and sinking tools form a metronome, and locks me in. 2018-19 season was all about finding new zones, and exploring parts of the greater Yellowstone/ Grand Teton caldera that i’d never been before. The snowpack remained relatively consistent for most of the season, and we were blessed with great snow all year long. Mission Monday’s are my favorite, and each week brings out new maps, and challenges. One thing is for certain, the Weston boards, and now The Pow Surfer, are changing the way I ride, and truly helped me in my search for the perfect turn and season.

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