Explore & Restore: Good Stewards For The Great Outdoors

Explore & Restore: Good Stewards For The Great Outdoors

OnX Backcountry, Weston, and outdoor industry partners team up to support Leave No Trace.

As more people get outside the need to preserve landscapes is more important than ever. Since 2010, Leave No Trace has been working with land managers to identify, and then rectify, recreation spaces with high rates of degradation through a program called Hot Spots. 

Weston is incredibly proud to partner with Leave No Trace and OnX Backcountry to celebrate and preserve the places you love. These can be local crags, trails, or even national parks. For every onX Backcountry membership purchased in the month of June through onXmaps.com they’ll be donating $10 of it towards Leave No Trace’s Hot Spot program.

What’s a Hot Spot?

It’s a recreation location nominated by its land manager and chosen by Leave No Trace that has experienced being “loved to death” or otherwise been degraded by overuse. Each year, Leave No Trace works with local communities to equip them with education tools they can pass on to their visitors.

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Use onX Backcountry to help find routes that are well away from over-traveled trails and hot spots in your area. Dispersing some of our activities from the centers of heavy traffic we can mitigate our impacts on the landscapes we love most. #exploreandrestore 

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