Imaginary Peaks

Imaginary Peaks

Imaginary Peaks is a little story about exploring your backyard and dreaming about riding mountains you have almost no information on. Just a distant photo of a couple peaks to let your imagination run wild with. 

After our traverse last year we identified so much amazing terrain, but there was one zone in particular which really stood out and we knew we had to go check it out. So we loaded up and headed back into the Frank Church for a round two base camp mission. We had stellar conditions and the stoke to match it!  We named this one Imaginary Peaks. It's about the experience of seeing a far off zone, grabbing a couple distant photos and then planning and imagining what the zone might be like based off of a few photos and maps.  We pretty much had a year to let our imaginations run wild and create all kinds of scenarios and ideas about what kind of cool terrain might be hiding just out of view. This zone did not disappoint!" - Sam Thackeray, Weston Guide Ambassador. 


 (Tracks above Camp. Photo: Sam Thackeray)

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Watch “Imaginary Peaks” the full video. 

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Very well done. I’m totally enjoying the tour you’re taking me on…let’s not back down!!

Bob Thackeray

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