Backcountry Splitboarding/Skiing in Japan TEASER #SlayAtHome Speaker Series

Backcountry Splitboarding/Skiing in Japan TEASER #SlayAtHome Speaker Series

Since the dawn of time, the mystical, magical, endless Japanese snowfall has allured backcountry enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Aside from the obvious slayage of ze pow, we're here to show you Japan has more to offer than just SUUUPER deep snow...

The 2nd installment of the #SlayAtHome Speaker Series explores Backcountry Splitboarding & Skiing in Japan with Weston owner, Leo Tsuo and a handful of the Weston Team Riders.

The Weston Crew ascending Mt. Yotei (Photo: @jeffkelper) 

From climbing the active volcano of Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido, to soaking in the natural hot springs of Shimimaki, plus What To Do and What Not To Do after 3 years of triumphs and mistakes on our annual Powder Pilgrimage to the promised land. Join us as the Weston team walks you through our two-cents on the best ways to Backcountry Travel in Japan. 

Tune in this Friday 4/24 at 6pm/Mountain Standard Time via ZOOM discussion 
or catch us on Facebook LIVE 

Get stoked with some footage from the trip back in 2018!

Filmed & edited by Carly Finke. Follow @carly_finke for more pow slayin' greatness. 


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