The Melt | Chala'at Nation, There And Back Again

The Melt | Chala'at Nation, There And Back Again

In the Spring of 2022, Brian Zigulich and Alex Rupp spent a couple of weeks in the remote Olympic Mountain Range, located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. They had the opportunity to follow the annual migration of water, that starts at Mt Olympus, flows down the Hoh River, and leads out to the Pacific Ocean.

They were fortunate enough to work with the Chala’at Nation (Hoh Tribe). They helped bring their journey through their sacred land to fruition.

Many other talented individuals and close friends played a huge part in making this happen.

This is their story.

Filmed and Produced by Alex Rupp (@_alexrupp) and Brian Zigulich (@therealbrianzig)
Edited by Alex Rupp

Additional filming by Grady Haskell (@grady_haskell) and Jake Little (@jakelittle94)
Title Poster by Brodie Hall (@the.great.brodini)
Photography by Grady Haskell

With support from:

SOL Paddle Boards
Zeal Optics

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