The Splitboard Show

The Splitboard Show

"The Splitboard Show" is a season long journey that follows a crew as they explore different themes, aspects and styles of human powered backcountry snowboarding. This year, tag along with Tim van der Krogt and his crew of riders based out of Revelstoke, BC as they take you with them on their splitboard adventures. 

Follow @the_splitboard_show to catch the latest episodes, updates, highlights and more! Follow Weston Athlete Tim van der Krogt @carve_invader for more pow slayin' greatness. 



Featured Boards: Ridgeline Split, Hatchet Split, Eclipse Split, Ridgeline Carbon Split  

Featured Riders/Skiers:
Tim van der Krogt (@carve_invader)
Kai White (@kai_white)
Thomas Honneger (@carve_invasiion)
Oscar Bascones (@oscarbmas)
Claudia Bambi (@bambibacon)
Allison Ray (@alliemarieray3)
Christopher Wills (@christopher.wills)
Brian Stenerson (@instasteney)
Ashley Epis (@mtnsnowmad)


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