The Ultimate Backcountry Wishlist 2017

The Ultimate Backcountry Wishlist 2017

It’s officially that time of the year!

The snow is falling, the people are shredding, and desires for new gear are howling through the air. What better holiday gifts to give your friends and family than the ultimate backcountry setup.

From boards to outerwear and nearly everything in between. We’ve compiled a list of 11 categories with the latest goods that will ensure a safe and thrilling season in the outdoors.

1. Essentials

Named the 2018 Best Freestyle board by Splitboard Magazine, the Range Splitboard is engineered to balance control and flexibility for versatile mountain terrain.  Paired with the new Weston Hero Hand Gloves and resurrected Weston Quilted Trucker Hat, you will be prepared to withstand all the season has to offer from sweaty skin-ups to cliff dropping euphoria. 

2. The Duo: Jacket Shell and Bib

If you haven't noticed the trend yet, bibs are in the now, featuring both practical and technical design to ensure lasting comfort and durability throughout the season. On our ultimate wish list for men is Flylow’s Baker Bib, composed of a three-layer waterproof fabric, alongside the top-rated Arc’tyrex Beta AR Shell Jacket with GORE-TEX components. 





For the ladies we have the Flylow Foxy Bib embodying an athletic fit, stretch material, and ample pocket space with the Women’s Arc’tyrex Beta AR Shell Jacket. Once you’ve tried on this light weight shell, there is no turning back. 




3. Socks

Breathability. The backcountry experience is one of rewarding downhill turns, but earning those turns can be an exhausting and sweaty rise to the top. Having socks that stay fresh throughout the journey are the ones that last. Smartwool provides backcountry lovers one of the best selection of snowboard socks on the market to keep you moving forward.




4. Backpack

Beacon, Shovel, Probe are the essentials in the backcountry, but having a pack to store them makes having a backpack also essential. Colorado-based, RMU, has developed top-rated technical packs for the outdoor enthusiast looking for all-season adventure. The 35L Core Pack is destined for travel with weatherproofing fabric and carry-on capacity.



5. Winter Camping

In any backcountry adventure, insulation and layering are key. Big Agnes provides top-of-the-line sleeping bags, tents, and mid-layer “puffy’s” for the upcoming 2018 backcountry expeditions. Featured is the Men’s Porcupine Hooded Pullover juxtaposed to the Women’s Willow Hooded Pullover. Making sure you and your loved ones stay warm this season, Big Agnes offers insulated sleeping bags to withstand the chilly nights, even those of -20 F with the Chroso UL -20 Sleeping Bag. And don’t forget about the shelter, that’s essential. Lightweight an structurally sound, the Foidal Canyon 3 Tent ensures durability and a four season refuge. 

big-agnes-mens-pullover big-agnes-womens-pullover
big-agnes-sleeping-bag big-agnes-tent


6. Wax

Purl Wax's original wax line was introduced in 1999 as an eco-friendly alternative to PFC laced waxes. For over a decade, they have been creating pure, clean, biodegradable ski and snowboard waxes with superior speed and durability. 

No Fluoros. No Toxic Chemicals. No Hype.  Made in the USA.


Get Your Purl Wax Here

7. Goggles

Interchangeable Lenses. They change the name of the game. Patented with Rail Lock System, these revolutionary Zeal Optics Portal Goggles allow you to find pristine visibility on every part of the mountain. 

zeal-portal-goggle zeal-goggle

8. Splitboard Bindings

One of the most reputable split board bindings on the market, the Spark R & D Arc Splitboard Bindings are packed with a punch, letting every rider exert the freedom of the flow with stable support and flex through all snowpacks.

spark-mens-arc spark-womens-arc

For those demanding a power-driven backcountry experience while minimizing weight, Karakoram provides riders with continued stability with their Karakoram Prime-X Carbon Splitboard Bindings available in same design for both men and women. 



9. Board Box

The Thule Force Ski Box is a design favorite for our wish list. Perfect for storing your splitboard, poles, and backcountry camping gear, the ski box is one of the best gifts to give your friends and family this year.  Remember to choose the right size to fit your skis and boards! Get it too small, and your box might not be so kind on the lock! 

Whether your a storm chaser looking to find the best powder in North America or a weekend warrior taking a day skin, storing and protecting your equipment is pinnacle to sustaining quality. Not to mention this box can save you from breaking the bank on damaged equipment.

10. Shoes

All Terrain: All Mountain 

Warm liners, waterproof exterior, and a heat retention layer take the original “Vans high tops” to the mountains. On our Holiday Wish List this year is the all new Vans SK8-Hi MTE Shoes to maximize comfort both before and after a day on the mountain. With Vans iconic traction sole, re-enforced stability provides lasting durability and style. 

vans-mte-edition vans-mte-edition-2


11. Beverages

Start your day off in the backcountry right with Carabiner Coffee's Freshies – Backcountry Brew Packets. Just heat up some water and pour over into your mug to get your blood moving for that early morning dawn patrol.


Or for those in you in need of a night cap, we've got that too. Let’s face it, after a long day on the mountain, what better gift to give than Après to relax, rejuvenate, and remember the awesome turns of the day. Our friends over at Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. and Breckenridge Distillery have some of the best brews and whisky in town. A stop at these two spots is a must on the Holiday Wish List.

 crazy-mountain-beer breckenridge-bourbon



We get it, buying a package deal like this for someone else is hard when you want the same gift too.

Share this wish list with family and friends and you may find some awesomeness under your Christmas tree. 



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