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        AIARE Member Benefits

        Welcome to the Next Generation of Backcountry Mentors

        At Weston, we firmly believe in proper education leads to safer backcountry travel, so we're stoked you've taken the steps to become a good steward of the backcountry. In tandem with AIARE and Expert Voice, we've developed a program to reward your continued pursuit of education.

        Expert Voice is a platform that rewards its users for their varying levels of expertise in the Outdoor Industry. As you earn your AIARE certifications, that information is passed along to and will unlock higher levels of perks that you can access. In addition to AIARE, you may qualify for things based on medical training (wilderness first aid/responder), or even outdoor leadership training.

        We are now counting on you to continue to help us create a backcountry community that is welcoming, safe, inclusive and free of shaming and gatekeeping. Use your knowledge to help others, and provide them with kind recommendations to continue their journey. We all start somewhere!


        So how does this work?

        1. Take your AIARE Level 1 or higher
        2. Wait for your confirmation email with your certificate
        3. Register your account with Expert Voice using the appropriate buttons below
        4. Get some discounts on Weston gear*

        *Of note, this year we've seen an unprecedented demand for splitboards, so while you will be eligible for discounts on them, we likely will not have them in stock again until this coming September.

        AIARE 1

        AIARE 2 + Pro