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        brian stenerson weston snowboards rider

        Instagram: @instasteney

        Year You Were Born: 1988

        Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

        Year You Moved to the Mountains: 2010

        Current Mountain: Kirkwood

        What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: Ever since I started snowboarding I wanted to eat, sleep, breathe everything snowboarding. Most other aspects in life took the back burner.

        What Do You Do For Work: I wait tables at nights all summer and extremely part-time in the winter. Working nights allows me to ride/play literally every day. I'm also very good with frugality and the art of saving.

        Advice to Help Someone Make the Leap to Live Their Life: It's obvious to say, but make whatever you're passionate about a higher priority in your life. Regardless of finances or other life stresses and you will be a much happier human. I don't need much just a few simple things to make me happy. What's the point of life if not to enjoy the ride?

        What Board(s) You Ride: 160 Big Chief, 164 Big Chief Split, 158 Logger

        Stance: 12, -9. 22in.

        Sponsors: Weston Snowboards, Zeal Optics, Snowledge