Carly Finke - USA

Instagram: @carly_finke

Year you moved to the Mountains: 2011

Current Mountain: Beaver Creek.

Thought starters: What is the difference between soup and cereal?

Why are the mountains magic to you: The magic lies in the fact that there is absolutely nothing man can do to make it more beautiful. The detailed imperfections. The strength and massiveness. 

What would you say to convince someone to see your point of view if they questioned your choice in lifestyle: We are here to live, not exist. I hold great value in 'why' I do what I do - and because of that I keep catching myself in a rush to keep having more fun! 

What was the turning point when you decided to move to the mountains: First face shot. 

Why do you feel like you will continue in this lifestyle: Because I am so gosh darn lucky to keep thinking I am so gosh darn lucky. 

What you do for work: I run a nonprofit alongside two other ladies: Duchess Ride is dedicated to cultivating tenacity, creativity, and camaraderie among young girls through participation and progression in skateboarding and snowboarding. I also do design work which allows for flexible hours and a creative mentality.  I would say cheap eating habits and living on a tight budget is what really allows me to live the life I do. 

Advice to help someone make the leap from their current life: I don't want to sound like a Nike ad, but just do it. In this day and age, there is no excuse to not live the life you dream about living.  Sure, it might take some hard work... but thats what makes it all worth it. 

What board(s) you ride: The Spruce. The Backwoods. The Japow.