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        cody hughes

        guide : Utah Mountain Adventures, Inspired Summits

        year you started guiding


        what guide services do you work for and where?

         Utah Mountain Adventures, Inspired Summit Adventures, Park City Powder Cats, Utah Avalanche Center, University of Utah. Wasatch and Uinta ranges.

        what do you teach? any specific certifications?

        Recreation Avalanche level 1 and 2, BC 101, KBYG, Splitboard classes. Private guide.

        what inspired you to become a guide?

        I love sharing the experience of the solitude of the mountains with people of all ages. I love working in a field surrounded by happy people. Getting to see the light and fire in my clients eyes after an epic day in the hills makes me want more and more.

        any advice for upcoming guides?

        Work for many companies. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Learn how to educate as well, it is important to mix education and guiding. It allows us to financially do what we do.

        backcountry weapon of choice

        Backwoods Carbon Split 157