Izzy Lazarus

izzy lazarus

"if you are what you eat, then you might also be what you ride"





currently resides

Jackson, WY

what's your day job?

Mountain Guide/ Avalanche Educator

highest level of avalanche education


what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

Snowboarding wasn’t on my radar growing up. I skateboarded in NYC until I went to college in Vermont. The long, cold winters were prime motivation to learn how to ride a snowboard. I quickly fell in love with the feeling of surfing snow. At the same time I was learning how to climb. After a while, I wanted to be able to combine the two and started chasing snowboard-mountaineering objectives. Along the way, I was pursuing an education in snow science and mountain guiding. Piece by piece it has come to be that I get to spend most of my time in the mountain, with friends and students alike. 

Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

Hard to choose, really. This past winter, my boyfriend and I got to ride off of the summit of Albright Peak in the Tetons. From the summit you get to ride 4,000 feet of 35 degree, fall line terrain. We nailed the conditions and were getting fresh turns the entire way. I had wanted to ride that peak for years so getting to ride it in 2ft of fresh powder with my favorite partner made it worth the wait. 

Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

A few seasons ago, I was still riding well into May. It had been several days of pre-sunrise wake ups, trying to ride in the high peaks before the snow got too warm. My partner and I were a bit slower than we anticipated due to difficult skinning conditions and fatigue from the last few days. We were about halfway up the couloir and decided that it was getting too warm and we should turn around. While we were descending, a pocket of wet snow released above me and started to push me over. I had just ridden past a section of cliffs, so I was extremely lucky to not have gotten pushed over the cliffs. We were able to descend safely the rest of the way and I got away with a free lesson. That time of year, every minute counts and you have to be able to turn around before you get that close to “the line”.

why weston?

I ride with Weston because our goals are in line. They believe in fostering community, the value of backcountry safety and decision making and help make education accessible. Those ideas combined with boards that well crafted and durable are what help me move around the mountains with a smile on my face. 

What does your quiver look like and why?

I ride the Eclipse for the deep days in mid winter and then switch over to my Rise for spring couloir riding and snowboard-mountaineering objectives. 




Weston and Phantom Snow Industries