Jensen Schipper

jensen schipper

preferred pronouns



Mattawan, MI

currently resides

Avon, CO

what's your day job?

Shipping and Logistics for Weston

what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

II've snowboarded since I was 12 at my little hometown hills Timber Ridge and Bittersweet in Michigan. After finishing my time in the Navy, I drove from San Diego back to Michigan and passed through Vail. While going along I-70 I was passing the resort and I couldn't see the top. I vowed that I would come back and ride it and 7 years later I'm still here.

Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

I'd have to say it was going out with the team for our meeting on top of Vail Pass. Riding with the team and seeing everyone have so much fun enjoying the backcountry made it that much more special.

Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

It would have to be my first time going out there with our events manager Ben Hilley and one of our riders Mike Page. It was my first time out and they were showing me the ropes. I made my second kick turn, didn't execute it properly, fell on my back and was stuck like a turtle with my pack weighing me down in about 2 feet of powder. In true beginner fashion they coached me through it and after a minute or two I was back on my feet and right behind them again. After riding for over a decade you can always learn new things so keep your mind open.

why weston?

With an amazing, caring team and a drive for inclusion and sustainability this team is everything I could hope to be a part of.

What does your quiver look like?

I've got a backwoods split and a logger but my daily driver is a Japow. After taking it out my first year in the company I knew I would ride that board every time I had the chance. Its amazing on groomers and even better on powder and I haven't looked back after stepping on it.