Jeremy Anderson

jeremy anderson


Detroit, MI

currently resides

Castle Pines, CO

what's your day job?

I own a Property Management Company. 

highest level of avalanche education


what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

I grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan, not what most people think of when they think about skiing. The culture of the outdoors however is prevalent and add a heavy dose of 2nd Generation Finlanders, Norwegians and Swedes and you have a nordic ski culture like nowhere else in the U.S.A Some of the largest ski jumps in the world are in Michigans U.P. and I was hooked by the atmosphere and the spectacle of it all from a very young age. My first time on skis was 7 years old and I was in love instantly. From my own competitive skiing to cheering on my ski jumping friends that made the Lillehammer Olympics skiing was and always has been a huge part of my life. With some hills back home receiving for the midwest a high level of snow on average around 300" I did get a taste for powder and wanted more. After the Olympics in 94 my parents moved to Colorado and I was looking for a way into the big mountain skiing scene. I was looking to acquire mountaineering skills, rock climbing and was scouring the rockies for a place to land. I came out to Denver and was instantly hooked on the climate (year around rock climbing) and the athletes I met during my visit I knew this is where I belonged. A year later I was summiting Denali and skiing it shortly after. Today I reside in a sleepy town just outside Denver where I can rock climb and trail run year round and easily get snow anytime I desire. 

Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

Several years ago it was a super dry winter most steeps never had enough snow to cover the slopes. I had spent most of the season watching weather patterns and considering flying to South America to climb since it was such a poor season for snow. Then one day I saw an epic pattern developing off the Alaskan coast and the jet stream was indicating a direct hit in Utah and parts of Colorado. I booked a flight to Salt Lake immediately as out was supposed to get hit the hardest and ended up riding chest deep pow on some low angle slopes until I couldn't walk anymore. When I got back to the hotel I collapsed into bed feeling rewarded and satisfied for preserving and being able to storm chase. On the flight home I had a huge smile and several leg cramps. Thankfully it's a short flight to Denver.

Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

I've been around so long and tried so many hard routes both ascents and descents that these days they seem to come seasonally. The one that stays in my memory and will forever was a day in little cottonwood canyon in Utah it was only my second trip out and I was riding a trough and thought I could get out and stop on a steep spine section and survey the drop for a second run. When I stopped all the snow slid out from under me and I tumbled for about 60' over rock, ice and snow. I learned a huge lesson that day about patience and scoping out lines that I will never forget.

why weston?

Family and inclusiveness . I've never been part of a company that promotes equality on such an equitable level. No matter where you from or what you ride you are a part or something bigger than yourself when you're with the Weston Family.

What does your quiver look like?

Grizzlies in the 186cm cause I like to ride fast and hard so I go with a longer ski. I have the Summit in both 186cm mounted with a burly free ride set up by Daimir for stomping and jumping days and the 176cm with the super light Black Diamond Helios AT bindings for my steep mountaineering descents.

Mounting preference

Center Rear Free ride and full center for Skimo.


Progenex, Tulson Tolf, Butcher Box, Tiger Balm, Dcurve Mammut, Sportea, Purl Wax