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    josh jespersen

    guide : green eyed guides, silverton avalanche school, san juan mountain guides

    year you started guiding


    what guide services do you work for and where?

    Green Eyed Guides, Silverton Avalanche School, and San Juan Mountain Guides all based in the mighty San Juans of southwest Colorado!

    what do you teach? any specific certifications?

    I will teach you ANYTHING you want to know about the mountains and would love the opportunity! The mountains aren't just open to one type of enjoyment, there are endless ways to get access and enjoyment whether it is on a splitboard, your own two feet, or riding a horse there is something for everyone. I am an AMGA Apprentice Mountain Guide, PRO 1 trained Avalanche Educator, and Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide. Former Navy SEAL.

    what inspired you to become a guide?

    I enjoy showing people the mountains and getting them to engage on a deeper level with the natural environment. I have such a unique opportunity to help build a better appreciation in the wild spaces for people, and potentially entice them to become advocates for the land and environment.

    any advice for upcoming guides?

    Be prepared to grind and be broke. It really is a love of the mountains that propels us into this career and money should never be the goal. It is the opportunity for adventure that should always propel you forward.

    backcountry weapon of choice

    10th Mountain Split

    the brotherhood escort