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    michael ackerman

    year you started guiding


    what guide services do you work for and where?

    Director of Recreational Programs/Faculty (Silverton Avalanche School
    Senior Guide (San Juan Mountain Guides)
    Course Leader/ Training Team (AIARE) + guest guide appearances for select outfitters and organizations

    what do you teach? any specific certifications?

    Michael pursued his formal education at Prescott College, Fort Lewis College and Harvard University. Additionally, he’s completed AIARE Level Three, Instructor and Course Leader trainings, achieved A3 Pro 1&2 Trainer designation and attended AMGA TRSM and Ski Guide courses. Since receiving his BA in Adventure Education in 1999, Ack has gone on to instruct all levels of US Avalanche Education in both the Rec and Pro sectors and leads custom trainings for industrial, transportation, military, law enforcement and rescue professionals. He specializes in pushing elite teams to excel in challenging and austere environments while maximizing logistical efficiencies, tactical advantage and strategic excellence. As a guide, Michael leads ski mountaineering adventures, off-piste alpine tours, split-board expeditions and high mountain hut trips. Ack is a professional member of the American Avalanche Association and serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the San Juans.

    what inspired you to become a guide?

    A passion for education, strong devotion to the natural world and an inexhaustible commitment to human powered adventure.

    any advice for upcoming guides?

    The ego is not your amigo.

    booking pages - Follow Ack's blog, see Michael's full line up of domestic avy courses, backcountry trainings, guiding availability and international trips.

    backcountry weapon of choice

    Backwoods Carbon Split 163
    Backwoods Carbon Splitboard - 19/20
    $ 1,099.00$ 879.20

    ack & pat gephart discuss expedition splitboarding in denali