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        patrick collins

        guide : Jackson Hole Mountain Guides

        year you started guiding


        what guide services do you work for and where?

        Jackson Hole Mountain Guides (Jackson, WY)

        what do you teach? any specific certifications?

         AIARE 1&2, Backcountry Touring, Splitboarding 101, Splitboard Mountaineering. AMGA Assistant Ski/Splitboard Guide, AIARE Pro 2 Certified, Outdoor Emergency Care Technician

        what inspired you to become a guide?

        I’ve always enjoyed teaching and sharing backcountry knowledge. There is nothing better than the look on someone’s face after their first backcountry powder run! By being a guide in the Tetons I get to be a part of that experience all the time!

        any advice for upcoming guides?

        Get educated! Read up on avalanches, take the courses, hire a guide, start with simple terrain, and don’t be afraid to turn around if there is too much uncertainty. Commit to being a humble life-long learner and you’ll be granted the best gift of all- a lifetime in the mountains!

        backcountry weapon of choice

        Backwoods Carbon Split 163