Experience the thrill of the backcountry with our premium splitboard, ski, and snowboard demos/rentals designed to elevate your adventure off-piste or on-resort. Our rentals/demos are great for those looking to experience their first hut trip, take their avalanche safety course before purchasing gear, or get hands-on opportunities to test and explore different shapes.

All Demo/Rental Costs Can Be Applied to the Purchase of Skis, Snowboards, or Splitboards.

How To Rent/Demo

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Please note, personal specs will be configured at pick-up, so allow 30 minutes to grab your gear. Booked dates include a 1-day grace period for pick-up and drop-off. Late fees apply, and a security deposit is required, refunded upon return.

Demos and Rentals are for pickup at our Denver HQ exclusively and until reserved, our demo inventory is first come, first served!

Or, if you already know what you'd like to take for a spin...

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We've got you covered with a complete setup if needed, including Splitboard bindings, essential Avy Gear for safety, and poles to elevate your experience. Simply add what you need to your cart. We ensure you're equipped with everything required for a thrilling and safe backcountry adventure.

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Test ride our premium snowboards and experience the unmatched performance and precision engineering.

If you don't have bindings readily available, no worries! Simply add Karakoram bindings to your order, and we'll make sure you're fully set up for an unforgettable ride.

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Discover the perfect ski for your adventure with Weston's demo program! Whether you prefer touring or resort skiing, we have tailored options for you. Need avy gear? Add it to your cart for a complete, safe experience.

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