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    sarah macgregor

    guide : san juan expeditions

    year you started guiding


    what guide services do you work for and where?

    Aspen Expeditions - Aspen and the San Juans

    what do you teach? any specific certifications?

    I teach and guide all levels of rock climbing, peak ascents and backpacking trips in the summer and splitboarding, hut trips, AIARE 1, 2 and Companion Rescue in the winter.
    Certs and trainings include: AMGA Apprentice Splitboard and Rock Guide, AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, WFR, AAA Pro 1, and AIARE Instructor

    what inspired you to become a guide?

    I wanted to be able to stay active in the outdoors for a living and I loved teaching and empowering people to challenge themselves. As soon as I took the first step with the American Mountain Guides Association, I started meeting some incredible, strong and motivated people. You can't just be surrounded by great people and end up living a mediocre life. It's a ripple effect, every day I meet more and more crushers who believe in me and will accept nothing less than for me to do great things and to be my best self. I have strong motivation but I would be nothing without some really amazing humans inspiring and pushing me!

    any advice for upcoming guides?

    You'll never feel ready to take the next scary leap. There will always be something you think you'll need to accomplish before you take the next step. If you're waiting until you're ready, you'll be waiting your whole life. No one who has tackled great challenges was ever ready. We're all just winging it. So take the leap, throw some spaghetti at a wall and just see what sticks. Whats the worst that could happen?

    Through my guiding journey, I have had to redefine for myself what it means to be a female guide. I care more about the humans I'm interacting with than the sport. Being a female guide does not mean you are the strongest, burliest person out there pushing the limits of whats possible in the sport. You also don't have to have all the answers. Being a female guide for me means you accept people as they are and meet them where they are to help those from all backgrounds feel welcome and feel emotionally and physically safe to explore their personal edge.

    backcountry weapon of choice

    Riva Split 149

    sarah mac shares gear storage tips