Sarah Schwartz - USA


Instagram: @sarah.schwartz970

Year You Were Born: 1991

Hometown: Summit County, Colorado

Year You Moved to the Mountains: 1991

Current Mountain: Copper, Keystone, Abasin

What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: It's in my blood from the day I was born. Being raised here and still waking up every day in awe of how magical this place is something very special. I get to play all day, every day and surround myself with like-minded people.

What Do You Do For Work: I have been a freestyle snowboard coach for Team Summit Colorado for the past 6 seasons. I work primarily with 6-9 yr old mini shreds slashing pow, scoring high fives, navigating epic tree lines and continually pushing the limits of progression with plenty of hot cocoa breaks :) Dream job!!

Advice to Help Someone Make the Leap to Live Their Life: Buy the plane ticket, sleep on your buddies couch, work any job where you can shred every day! This place is beautiful and the community of those in love with this sport is unlike any other. Money will come and go but face shots, rope drops, and first tracks are what we live for!

What Board(s) You Ride: Spruce and Riva

Stance: Goofy 12, -12

Sponsors: Weston