The Skinny On Weston Skins: What You Need To Know

Skin Fitment Overview: Getting the right tool for your board or skis

Weston Skin SKU and Compatibility Sheet V2

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Skin Setup - They’re already cut for you, so lets not mess up the rest

Skin Jargon (Key Terms/Definitions to know): 
  • Plush - The soft, fabric side of your skin that provides the grip on snow
  • Glue - The sticky side of the skin that attaches to the board or skis
  • Membrane - The internal part of the skin that holds the Plush and Glue together, but you can’t really see it
  • Z-Hook - The metal hook that attaches through the nose of the board or skis
  • Tip Clip - The plastic part of the nose of the skins that attaches the Z-hook to the rest fo the skin
  • Weston Tail Hook - Our custom metal tail piece that sits in the notch on the tail of the splitboards or skis
  • Tail Strap - The stretchy part on the back of the skin that connects the Weston Tail Hook to the rest of the skin, and provides tension on the skins

Remove the plastic backers

The plastic sheet on the sticky side of the skin is just there to keep the glue clean while in transit, and can be discarded. This isn’t a Skin Saver - a sheet placed between the glue when in storage - but with new skin glue designs, you don’t need Skin Savers in the first place.

Weston Tail Clip Adjustment

Tail Clip Installation

The first time using your new skins requires you to adjust the Tail Clip to the proper position. With the Plush side down, make sure the flat side of the Tail Clip is also facing down, and the hook side is facing up. The T should be facing towards the tip clip of the skin, as that’s what will fit into the notch of the board/skis. Starting with the front of the Tail Clip facing the skin, the Tail Strap should then be passed from top to bottom through the front slot, and then bottom to back to the top of the rear slot.

Tail Clip Adjustment

The Tail Clip can then be adjusted forwards or backwards on the Tail Strap to fit your board. To make the overall length shorter, push the tail strap through the front slot, and then pull the slack out of the back. Reverse this process to make them longer. With the Z-hook in place, you should have to apply some force to stretch the Tail Strap to get the Tail Clip in place, but as minimal as possible. The Tail Clip should have enough tension that it sits in the notch on the boards/skis and doesn’t move when shaken.  

Label the Bag

The bag has a place on it to write the name of the board/ski model you have for convenience if you have multiple pairs of skins.

Cross–Compatible Design 

The Tip Clip and Tail Strap are both universal to Pomoca products, so the Z Hook and Tail Clip can be removed and replaced with standard Pomoca hardware to run on splitboards that don’t have the nose hole and tail notch, much like Pomoca’s standard skins. We unfortunately don’t have these pieces available, but they are available from Pomoca or other retailers. 

Skin Care - How to keep your new skins looking absolutely radiant

Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years:

  • Always keep the glue stuck to the glue in storage! You can either fold them in half or quarters. NEVER just roll them up.
  • Try to keep the glue as clean as possible and don’t expose them to dirt, dog hair, tree branches, etc.
  • Remove and dry your skins after use.
  • Don’t let them get too hot, i.e. don’t leave them in your hot car all spring or don’t hang them too close to the fireplace on a hut trip. Some people even store their skins in the freezer during the summer!
  • Skin wax is a wonderful thing. It helps create better glide and will help reduce snow sticking to the Plush when the snow gets hot and wet (i.e. in the spring).
  • Fold your skins and keep them in the front of your jacket while touring. This helps to keep them dry and keeps the glue warmer for better stick.
  • Don’t put the skins on your board/skis the night before to be “more efficient” on your dawn patrol. Although it’s not the end of the world, it’s best to store the skins separately
  • Make sure to stay on top of waxing your board/skis as the glue can pull off the wax on your bases.

Universal Skin Cutting (Because pre-cut skins are too easy)

Tail Strap Placement 

Before cutting the skin to size as described below, you must identify the correct location to attach the tail strap to the skins.

  • With the Z-Hook placed in the nose hole of the board/skis, cut off any skin material hanging past the end of the board. This first rough cut of an obvious extra material will make it easier to work with, especially on smaller boards/skis. 
  • Install the tail clip so that it sits in the middle of the tail strap. This will give you the most room to adjust after installation. 
  • Move the tail strap so that the tail clip is aligned with the notch in the tail of the board/skis, and mark the tail strap placement on the skin as outlined in the video below

Tail Profile Cutting

*Tips and Tricks

The holes for the tail strap rivets can be punched with the provided punching tool. Select the location of the hole and place the punch with the sharp side down, and then hit with a hammer to punch the hold. Or just drill it out with a small drill bit. Start from the plush side in both situations if possible.

Side Profile Cutting

*Tips and Tricks

The nose hole and tail notch should self-center the skins on the board/skis, but double check that the skin is laying flush and there aren’t any wrinkles in the skin before cutting that could result in the skin being off-center.