Will Sperry

will sperry

guide : Alpenglow Expeditions, Golden State Guiding

year you started guiding


what guide services do you work for and where?

Alpenglow Expeditions (Squaw Valley CA)

what do you teach? any specific certifications?

I am an apprentice Splitboard & Rock Guide through the American Mountain Guide Association. I carry my Wilderness First Responder Cert, AIARE 1, & AAI Professional Level 1 Avalanche Certification. I love teaching in the Mountains, and believe that mentorship is an invaluable tool for bringing interested folks into the hills. I am a total snow nerd and happy to dive deep into the way snow metamorphoses or just teach you how to look at terrain in order to move more confidently through the mountains. I also consider myself a student whenever I am in the backcountry and try to listen, observe, and record as much as possible.

what inspired you to become a guide?

My passion for teaching and love of the mountains. I have experienced countless transformative experiences in the mountains and one of my goals with friends and clients alike is to help facilitate that process while in nature. We all have something to learn while we walk in the hills.... oh yea riding first on a pow day every time is a plus too.

any advice for upcoming guides?

It is hard work but rewarding. The extra effort is worth it. There are trade offs with living this life style and those tradeoffs need to be accepted before you can truly dive in.

backcountry weapon of choice

Backwoods Split 163W

watch: will sperry presents: saturday splitboard school