Zach Griffin - USA


Instagram: @zgriff

Year You Were Born: 1984

Hometown: White Mountain's, New Hampshire

Year You Moved to the Mountains: 2004

Current Mountain: Breckenridge

What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: The Mountains

What Do You Do For Work: I work at a shop on Main St. Breck and do freelance writing, photo and video. I have had so many random and ridiculous jobs to stay boarding from working at a fair to shooting an ad for the Nintendo Switch.

How Did You Come to Weston: I saw some of the best from Eagle taking up the banner (Otremba, Koelker, Wook, Hilley, Brendo, LaConte, the Tait's and more) I saw Brendo on the Logger, a board made for logs, and it was like destiny. Also, I wanted to take my boarding into the backcountry more. Before the Ravinos St. Patty's Party 2015 I went to Minturn and spoke with Hilley and he put me on the team. The next week I met Mason in the parking lot of Howelson Hill at the Slash & Burn. The next time we met we went up Meadow in the Tucker. Later that Spring I met Nancy and Leo when they picked me up to go to the Fowler-Hilliard hut. I met Sean night pow surfing, Bindu at the BX BBQ and Pat on a raft. Equally awesome stories meeting everyone else as well. This is why I love snow. It is the people, places and stories of my life.

Advice to Help Someone Make the Leap to Live Their Life: Line it up, think it through, commit, go.

What Board(s) You Ride: Logger 155, Big Chief 64, Weston Powsurfer

Stance: Shoulders width, set back +18 in front, -9 in the back.

Sponsors: Vans Rockies, Meta Yoga Studios, Ravinos, Hovland Snowskates, CocoRidge Water