Summer Gear Maintenance & Storage #SlayAtHome Speaker Series

Summer Gear Maintenance & Storage #SlayAtHome Speaker Series

Shred season is coming to an end and folks are breaking out the mountain bikes and fly fishing rods. Don't forget to take care of your backcountry equipment so you're ready to go when the snow hits next season!

Join Emily Hargraves, Chief Executive Babe of Backcountry Babes and Weston Team Guide, Sarah MacGregor for a discussion on keeping your backcountry gear in good condition over the summer on this edition of the #SlayAtHome Speaker Series. 

Equipment covered: Skis and Splits, Boots, Climbing Skins, Technical Gear, Beacon, Goggles/Outerwear, First Aid Kit Repair.

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Check out Emily's full Spring Gear Maintenance & Summer Storage blog HERE!

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