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    Slay at Home Speaker Series

    Breaking Down backcountry Barriers

    With the Slay at Home Series, we are hosting a number of webinars this season with some of the best guide operations in the business. We hope they provide you with a resource for core skill-building and decision making for newcomers to the backcountry. 

    These chats will focus on a range of topics within the realm of backcountry skiing and splitboarding from basic gear prep and safety to touring etiquette and zone-specific discussions, featuring professional guides and educators in the industry. 

    Past Episodes

    Episode 7: Go Explore - Backcountry Touring Zones In Colorado
      We chat with the authors of some of the premier guidebooks on Colorado about their recommended backcountry touring zones...
    Episode 6: The Human Factor
    HUMAN FACTORS and HEURISTIC TRAPS pose a serious challenge to backcountry travelers. Humans are emotional, ego driven creatures. We see...
    Episode 5: Recreate Responsibly
    We explore how to recreate responsibly in the backcountry, which is most often public land managed by the USFS. We...
    Episode 4: Get Outside
    We walk you through route and trip planning in the backcountry including a full CAIC (Colorado Avalanche Information Center) website...
    Episode 2: Get The Gear
    The pros go in-depth on backcountry gear covering split tech, bindings, skins, boots, avy gear, outerwear, communication, mountaineering gear, &...
    Episode 1: Backcountry Basics
    We teamed up with Colorado Adventure Guides to kick off the return of the Slay At Home Speaker Series and...