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        Instagram: @ajappezzato

        Year You Started Guiding: 2016

        What guide services do you work for and where? Aspen Expeditions Worldwide (Aspen Region), San Juan Expeditions (San Juan Mtn Region), Colorado Adventure Guides (Colorado Front Range Region)

        What do you teach? Any specific certifications? AIARE Rec1, Rec2, Companion Rescue / AIARE Course Instructor, A3 Pro 1 Certification, AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

        What inspired you to become a guide? I wanted to share the love I have for the mountains with anyone who has the desire to explore. The end goal is to foster a love for our backcountry and wilderness areas in hope of promoting preservation and care for them.

        Any advice for upcoming guides? Take advantage of mentorship. Mentorship has taught me things I would not have learned on my own or through formal classes.

        Booking Pages: 

        • www.aspenexpeditions.com 
        • www.coloradoadventureguides.com

        Backcountry Weapon of Choice: Backwoods Carbon Split 160