Ben Hilley

ben hilley

preferred pronouns



Burleson, TX

currently resides

Vail, CO

what's your day job?

Brand Experience Manager

highest level of avalanche education


what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

My parents brought me to the mountains at a young age and I grew up skiing and riding in CO. I became a mechanical engineer after college and worked in the Defense sector. I quickly realized life was short and I'd rather be somewhere beautiful doing something I truly love. I visited a college friend in Vail and moved here 2 weeks later. I've been here almost 15 years now living my dreams. 

Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

My ideal day in the backcountry would be with a few of my best friends exploring new zones on snowmobiles. No big expectations or goals, just looking for new, amazing places to experience. I love finding new areas and places to ride. I've had some of my best days in the woods without ever strapping on a board.

Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

Every day is humbling in the backcountry. The vastness of it all makes everyday life seem somehow less important and you realize that life was meant for more than a 9-5 job. Every time I am in the mountains I am humbled and I appreciate everything I have that much more. Everyday in the backcountry is a blessing. 

why weston?

Weston personifies what I believe snowboarding and backcountry skiing truly is. We don't care about the X-games or paying riders to ride our equipment. We are all real people who left a so-called normal life and pursued our dreams in the mountains. This is what connects us and allows our community to connect with us. We are real backcountry enthusiasts creating the best possible products for our family. 

What does your quiver look like?

My current quiver is the Hatchet solid and split. I pretty much only ride this board and it's a dream. It's got amazing float in powder for a shorter deck and rips like a freestyle/park board in the backcountry. I also keep a Japow and a Backwoods Carbon Split on hand for deeper/longer missions!  


-15/15, 21 inches


My wife thinks I'm pretty cool.