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        brooke ruble

        preferred pronouns



        Kalamazoo, MI

        currently resides

        Fort Collins, CO

        what's your day job?

        Artist & Designer

        what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

        I was lucky enough to have a family that loved to ski - even in Michigan. Started skiing when I was about 7 or 8 and transitioned to snowboarding during middle school ski club. I thought it was the cool thing to do, and I just happen to be right! I am new to backcountry and eager to learn. As I find most of my inspiration for my art through being in nature, I'm always stoked for anything that gets me outside. I'll chase snow, storms, rain drops, waves, singletrack, whatever it takes for a little fun outside. 

        why weston?

        I met the wonderful Weston brand about 3 years ago during a fundraiser for a foundation called Duchess Ride (if you don't know them you should). Weston had supplied products to be raffled off during the event to raise funds for the foundation. I swear, I don't win stuff, but that night I got lucky and won a Weston Timber Snowboard. After riding it I was hooked on their boards, but I grew to like the people even more! A year after winning the board, Sean called me up and asked if I would design a graphic for one of their boards. I was STOKED! Obviously agreeing, I haven't stopped working with them since. I'm incredibly grateful to collaborate with such an amazing company doing great things for the outdoors with a smile on their face. 



        original artwork by brooke on the seeker split