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    Corey Van aken

    preferred pronouns



    Blacksburg, VA

    currently resides

    Silverthorne, CO

    what's your day job?

    Outer Range Brewery

    highest level of avalanche education

    AIARE Rec 1

    what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

    Snowboarding came to me when i was very young (age 7) and i always was very naturally talented at it, was always getting great feedback in lessons as a weekend warrior with my family growing up, but didn't pursue it as a career until i was 20 when i started out as a snowboard instructor back east at a small hill called Snowshoe Mountain, WV. The lifestyle had me hooked immediately and after that summer i applied to every resort i could find out west, ended up getting a job at Keystone Resort and packed up to move out to Colorado that winter of 13/14 season. Being somebody who always watched videos of back country riders like Gigi, Ejack and of course T-Rice, I was always amazed at their ability to bring freestyle into the backcountry. 

    Living in a place like Summit County, CO you're constantly surrounded by Freestyle snowboarding/skiing but more in a competition, park riding kind of way, so naturally i got very into the freestyle side of the sport in every way i could, everything from coaching, competing or working big events in any way/shape/form to get my foot in the door and meet some of the big name riders you see on TV. Eventually though i started to educate myself more on backcountry snowboarding and learning how i can take my freestyle skills into the backcountry in a badass, but still safe way by learning several very important skills including avalanche awareness and risk management just to name a few.

    Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

    My best powder day in the backcountry would probably have to be this day in Jackson i had with my good friends Cooper, Ian and Ben. Ian and Ben are local to Jackson and know the area, Cooper is a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer who lives to capture the shred moments out in the backcountry. We managed to get our hands on two snowmobiles (Shout out to Leo!! one for each Cooper and I) and Ian and Ben had their own as well. I think it dumped a fresh 10" or so the night before and the day was nothing but blue skies, good friends, the untouched & untamed natural freeride terrain of the Tetons and Wyoming range and a photographer to capture it all! was one of the best not only powder days, but just best days in general i've had on a snowboard for sure.

    Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

    A humbling day in the backcountry for me was in Montana of the 19/20 season, we were filming for a big project and the snow wasn't the greatest, i was about to drop into a full mountain run that was super steep, variable looking snow and a lot of technical riding required. We assessed the snow at the summit with the crew prior to dropping and since it was a north facing aspect just hoped it was going to be better down the run than it was at the top, it wasn't.

    I dropped in and immediately couldn't hold an edge with how icy it was, managed to avoid going off any major cliffs to my left by sliding on my butt and controlling the direction of my fall with my snowboard as much as i could. Ended up taking out two smaller trees towards the bottom of the run as well. I was very luck to walk away from that line uninjured, it was a very humbling moment that really made me reprioritize my risk management (when trying to get content or create a film) in the backcountry, and what risk vs. reward can truly mean.

    why weston?

    I ride Weston because we are a family. Weston cares about not only their riders, but EVERYONE behind the company, they also care not only about who's part of the company but anyone and everyone who's trying to go out and use the backcountry! They prove it by educating the public with courses and meetups and allowing people to learn about the products they're providing and how to properly use them. Weston is so different from any other snowboard company i've ever witnessed or been a part of in that sense, and ill say it again. WESTON CARES.

    They also throw badass parties lol.

    What does your quiver look like and why?

    10th Mountain Division

    All boards I can rip in pow, all boards I can rip in park, and all boards I can rip switch. 

    I love freestyle and i love powder. This quiver allows me to take any mountain or backcountry line and approach it with a creative freeride mindset for optimal fun, style and stompability.




    Weston, Blackstrap, Everlaces, Picture Organic Clothing, Wildbarn Coffee
    Hatchet Pow Slayer - 20/21
    $ 649.00
    Range Snowboard - 20/21
    $ 499.00