Ignacio Arroyo - CHILE

Born: July 27, 1987

Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Current City: Santiago, Chile

Home Mountain: La Parva and Nevados de Chillán in Chile and Vail, Colorado

Stance: Goofy

Years Snowboarding: 13

How did you get into snowboarding: I watched a few snowboarding movies when I was a kid. When I decided to try it I realized it was like skateboarding so I picked up it quickly and never stopped.

What do you love most about snowboarding: I love being in the wilderness where no one has ridden before. The feeling of being in the air and floating over fresh snow is the best feeling.

What are you most excited for this season: I wish there to be a lot of fresh snow so I can go shred with all my buddies and have fun.