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    Izzy Lazarus Weston Snowboards Riva

    Instagram: @izzylazaraus

    Year You Were Born: 1993

    Hometown: New York, New York

    Year You Moved to the Mountains: 2012

    Current Mountain: The Tetons, WY

    What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: I know it's where I am the happiest and where I feel the most inspired. I'm not someone who can ignore that for the chase of more numbers in a bank account.

    What Do You Do For Work: I'm a mountain guide and educator, mostly rock and alpine guiding in the Colorado and the Tetons. I'm working towards my full certificate with the AMGA.

    Advice to Help Someone Make the Leap to Live Their Life: You weren't born to pay bills and die. Chase experiences, no one can steal them and they don't break. Far more reliable than "things".

    What Board(s) You Ride: Riva Split 153

    Stance: Regular

    Sponsors: Weston