Izzy Lazaras - USA

Izzy Lazarus Weston Snowboards Riva

Instagram: @izzylazaraus

Year You Started Guiding: 2014

What guide services do you work for and where? Jackson Hole Mountain Guides (Tetons, Moab), Red Rocks Alpine Ascents International (North Cascades, WA)

What do you teach? Any specific certifications? Anything you want to do in the mountains! Rock, ice, alpine and backcountry skiing. AMGA Assistant Rock Guide and Apprentice Alpine and Splitboard Guide

What inspired you to become a guide? I wanted to spend my life in the mountains. I love teaching as well, the ability to blend the two is something I am very grateful for.

Any advice for upcoming guides? Remember to go to the mountains for yourself. It is easy to want to take every work opportunity that comes up, but its important to have days for yourself, with friends where you feel safe to explore, try hard, mess up, learn. To experience all the reasons we love to climb and ride in wild places.

Booking Pages: 

  • www.jhmg.com/trip-type/backcountry-skiing
  • www.jhmg.com/trip-type/mountaineering

Backcountry Weapon of Choice: Rise Split 149