Josh Jespersen - USA


Instagram: @joshjespersen

Year You Were Born: 1986

Hometown: Millville, PA

Year You Moved to the Mountains: 2012

Current Mountain: Where I can have the most fun possible on any given day.

What Inspired You to Move to the Mountains: I grew up as much of a ski bum as you could be in rural Pennsylvania, and that all got put on hold while I was in the military. So once my I decided to take the next step in life, something told me "Go West, Young Man," and Colorado's Rocky Mountains called my name!

What Do You Do For Work: I do whatever it takes to keep my ski seasons going. My main job though takes me overseas during the summer to protect people who work in dangerous environments. I totally value being of service to others, so I gladly sacrifice my time at home to help them get their job done, and keep my winters on snow.

Advice to Help Someone Make the Leap to Live Their Life: If you have a dream, you have to go chase it, but you have to make your goals bigger than yourself. Fulfillment in our lives, and impacting others in a positive way will keep you happy for all your years. Living that dream is not easy, and you always have to remember that, but it is completely worth it.

What Boards You Ride: Big Chief 

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Karakoram, ZEAL Optics, Kill Cliff, Honey Stinger