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    sean eno




    Vail, CO

    currently resides

    Denver, CO

    what's your day job?

    Director of Marketing, Weston

    highest level of avalanche education

    AIARE Rec 1

    what's your story on finding your way to snowboarding/skiing?

    I was fortunate enough to born into a family legacy of snowboarding. My family owned Vail's 1st snowboard shop through the 1980s and into the early 2000s. I started skiing at 2, and started snowboarding sometime around the 4th grade. The chase of powder has always been my place of contemplation and freedom and it was a childhood dream to work for a snowboard company one day. That opportunity came as I turned 30, when I sent a fateful email to Leo that offered my services in marketing. I escaped my day job and finally entered into the world I've always dreamed of working in.

    Describe Your Best Powder Day in the Backcountry

    It was a day in Niseko, Japan. The pitch was mellow but surfy & the snow was deep. Clouds of white exploding with each turn eventually gave way to a natural hot spring at the end of the shot. Not a soul in sight, feet of powder, and a hot spring in nature's finest made for not only one of the best powder days, but an unforgettable life experience.

    Describe A Humbling Day in the Backcountry

    Understanding of your riding plan, and communication with your partner are crucial. You stay in sight, and stay in communication. I made the mistake one day of letting the thrill of pow take me away from keeping pace with my partner. I finished riding through the next pitch, but my partner was nowhere to be seen. I hit the radio, but silence was what returned. I yelled, nothing. I took a moment to collect myself and think. I took a guess that the channel may have switched on my partner accidentally, so I started swapping through my presets. I guessed right, thankfully, and the worst had not happened. My partner was fine, albeit they dropped down too low after losing visual sight of me. It was a strong reminder to make sure everyone is aware of the terrain plan, stays in visual contact and is diligent about syncing radio channels.

    why weston?

    Beyond bomber boards, I align strongly with value driven companies. Weston strikes true to my heart on alot of causes and genuinely strives to being the best it can be for employees and the community at large.

    What does your quiver look like and why?

    Backwoods Split 167 - The tried and true. Destroys pow but also handles crud extraordinarily well.

    Japow 169 - For the truly deep days, nothing beats the Japow for float and slashy turns.

    Range 161w - My go to all-mountain resort deck when the days aren't deep and I want to have a touch more play in my ride.


    Backwoods: +21, -12 with a touch more setback // Japow +21, +12 // Range +18, -15


    My wife and daughter
    Backwoods Splitboard - 20/21
    $ 899.00