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PHANTOM Glide Base Treatment

PHANTOM Glide Base Treatment

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Phantom Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that increases hydrophobicity and improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions.

Let's consider some use cases here.

  1. The Slacker - You never wax your board even though it should be done at minimum every 3 days on snow. With PHANTOM, you won't have to worry about being the slow poke in your group on 90% of the days.
  2. The Backcountry - One issue with traditional wax and skins is that those skins will rip the wax right off your base, reducing your glue effectiveness and also slowing down your board on the downhill.
  3. Consistency - Even if you do wax regularly, PHANTOM is going to help smooth out your every day experience. PHANTOM still recommends waxing for those extreme sides of the temp scale (warm spring slush, or sub-zero January) but even in those conditions, your base is going to perform better than without wax.

PHANTOM Glide is not wax. PHANTOM Glide differs from traditional wax because wax is not permanent. Wax is a temporary glide solution that functions only by coating the top layer of your base. After just a few runs, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes.

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